Volunteer to host a MoCo house party

We believe that gathering people from the community together to share food and conversation, is a great way to grow support for MoCo.  We need your help to make that happen!

As members of this community and future owners of Moco, we all have a vested interest in the success of this project. Each of us is important in the work of building our ownership base. While there are many and varied reasons to support MoCo, some of your friends, neighbors and co-workers who have not made that commitment might be inspired to do so when they hear why you have joined in the effort.

Hosting a house party begins with creating a partnership between you and our support team. The following is our suggested framework:

#1 Let us know that you are interested in hosting a house party by emailing us at morrisvillecoop@gmail.com and include “house party” in the subject line.

#2 A point person will be identified to get in touch with you and begin the planning process. The point person’s role is to provide support and advice, and answer any questions you may have about MoCo.

#3 Determine the size of the party that would work best for you. Ideally a minimum of 10 is best, but more is wonderful.

#4 Determine the format that will work best for you. We suggest a potluck and you provide beverages and one dish. This makes it a little less work for you and allows everyone to contribute. Or, you can choose to do just appetizers or desserts. It is up to you.

#5 Start planning four weeks ahead of your party. Set a date and time (we suggest a 2 hour time) and be aware of possible scheduling conflicts like local sporting events, holidays etc.

#6 We will supply all of the promotional supplies that you will need, including email and/or written invitations, as well as information about MoCo.

#7 Invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, being sure that your guests know that the goal of this party is to increase their awareness of and support for MoCo.

#8 At your house party, we will provide support people to mingle, answer questions, and add enthusiasm, as well as a designated speaker to do a brief presentation about MoCo, and to answer any questions.

Questions? Please feel free to email Cheryl Hartt, MoCo House Party Coordinator, at cherylharttvt@gmail.com . Thanks for your ongoing support and interest in MoCo.

It takes a community to start a co-op!

We’re hiring! MoCo is looking for a Membership Recruitment Coordinator.

Job Description: Membership Recruitment Coordinator

Morrisville Food Co-op (MoCo)

MoCo’s mission is to open a community-owned market, serving the Lamoille Valley region, committed to the health and well-being of people, emphasizing local and organic products, and supporting a dynamic community, accessible to all.” MoCo is currently approaching 500 pledges, soon to be converted into paid member households, with the goal of at least 1000 paid memberships by the time the store opens. MoCo is currently exploring and evaluating several potential locations for its future store, as well as working on a comprehensive business plan for its operation. Everyone is invited to join us in the work to make this store a reality!

Position Overview:

The Morrisville Food Co-op (MoCo) is hiring a Membership Recruitment Coordinator (MRC) who will move the co­op towards its goal of opening a member-owned grocery store in Morrisville. The MRC will lead efforts to recruit members and raise member equity funds during this critical stage in the co­op’s growth. This position is ideal for someone whose experience essentially combines community organizing (engage and educate others around a mission) and coordinating volunteers.

The Membership Recruitment Coordinator is a part­-time, paid position at 20 hours per week. Schedule must be flexible including some daytime/evening/weekend availability. Approximate start date is late March 2014.


Develop an innovative plan for member recruitment that combines a wide range of approaches (such as outreach at events, presentations to civic groups, social media campaigns, etc.)

  • Lead the Membership Committee in enacting a membership recruitment plan, meeting expected timelines and reaching measurable membership targets
  • Increase visibility of MoCo within key geographic areas
  • Cultivate relationships and establish partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and civic groups
  • Address concerns, provide answers, and meet challenges when interacting with prospective members
  • Recruit volunteers (existing and new members) and provide orientation and supports for them to assist with membership recruitment
  • Maintain databases, including recruitment lists and volunteer lists
  • Work with a Member Loan Campaign Task Force to solicit member pledges through Member Loan Investment Opportunities
  • Report monthly to the Board of Directors on progress towards membership goals
  • Perform other related responsibilities as may be directed by the Board


  • Proven track record of relevant experience in project coordination, volunteer engagement, outreach, organizing, fundraising, and development of a member recruitment plan that is goal­ oriented, creative, and strategic
  • Strong grassroots approach to outreach
  • Ability to meet heavy and critical goals
  • Dynamic written and oral communication skills that will engage diverse audiences in the mission of the co­op
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the cooperative model of business
  • Experience using major social media tools
  • Multi­tasker, highly organized, great attention to detail
  • Bachelors degree preferred


  • Anticipated start date is late March/ early April 2014.
  • It is essential that the MRC be committed to the effort at least through the end of 2014.
  • This position may evolve and expand as the needs of the organization change and grow.

To Apply:

  • Submit a current resumé and cover letter to Susan Titterton, Membership Recruitment Committee Chair, at morrisvillecoop@gmail.com.
  • In the cover letter, incorporate a writing sample that addresses this question in some detail: “What is it about this position and this work that interests and excites you?”

The Push for Pledges is NOW!

IMG_1373 - Version 2

If you are interested in the possibility of having a food co-op in your

community, NOW is the time to pledge. MoCo is on the cusp of many exciting

developments and we need you to show your support in order to make them

happen. Please pledge, and encourage your friends, neighbors and co-workers

to join in this effort.

It takes a community to build a co-op!